Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 5 Impressive Ski Tricks That Even a Beginner Can Master

Once you've mastered the art of skiing without falling and your confidence starts to grow, you might start to think about conquering a few simple tricks. It may be easier to impress the kids than you might think, here is a list of the top ski tricks that are relatively easy to master but still look impressive on the slopes.

Spread Eagle

This is usually the first trick skiers attempt and is a good one to begin with. Making an 'X' with your body as you come off the jump you want to remember to approach the kicker with plenty of speed and keep your arms and legs as stiff as possible.


Moving onto the slightly harder 'Daffy' where you are effectively doing a front split in the air, splaying your arms and legs forwards to either side. You want to make sure you've got plenty of air with this trick to avoid catching your skis.

Iron Cross

With this trick your skis should cross in the air to form an 'X'. Again you need to make sure you gain plenty of air off of the jump and focus on timing and coordination. It may sound easy but it is easier to hurt yourself than pull off this trick effectively so give it the time and attention it deserves.

Tail Grab

The tail grab is one of those classic tricks that you will always remember the day you first pulled it off. For this one you need plenty of air and speed whilst focusing on foot position. As you leave the jump turn out your toes so the heels of your skis cross and arch your legs back so the heels of your skis are raised behind your back. Then touch the back heel of your ski before bringing your skis back under you and making a soft grounding.


Finishing with one of the harder beginner tricks, the 180 is one of the most impressive out there and if you can master it will have you the talk of the chalet. Considerably easier than attempting a 360, this trick will still look good even if you don't quiet manage the full angle. If you start practising on flat ground you will find out which way is more comfortable for you to spin. When you're ready, ride up to the slop with good speed and then pop as you would for straight and then make the small spin.

All of these tricks take plenty of practice and shouldn't be undertaken alone or underprepared but once you've mastered them they can make for great family photos and videos of your skiing holiday.

Enjoy Your Leisure in the Wilderness

Acres of lush greenery, chirping of birds, a tryst with the king of jungle Tiger and trumpets of elephants. If you are thinking that this is a scene from the Movie, then you are clearly mistaken. These are the sights which will welcome you at India's First National Park, Jim Corbett. It is ideally located amidst major districts of Uttarakhand and Garhwal. The park which was established in the year 1937, is named after the famous hunter turned Conservationist James E. Corbett. The Jim Corbett National Park is a part of project tiger. The project was started as conservation of wildlife especially the tigers.

The Jim Corbett Park is well known for its variety of flora and fauna. The park boasts about 448 different varieties of plants, of which many of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The park also has several species of rare birds, fishes and mammals. No wonder, about 70,000 visitors from different parts of the world visit the place to enjoy a thrilling experience of the wilderness.

The Corbett tiger reserve has several facilities like Jungle lodges, resorts, safaris, wildlife trekking to woo the tourists. Jim Corbett National Park resorts offer luxurious accommodation to tourists at quite affordable prices. These resorts are ideal for conferences, business meetings as well as vacation rentals too. So enjoy the peaceful and serene nature in luxury at Corbett.

A visit to the Corbett National Park is incomplete without a Jim Corbett safari. The wildlife safari takes you directly into the deep of the jungle where you can see the animals and birds in their natural surroundings. Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari are the prominent safaris in the National Park. Safaris can be started from different entry zones. These are carried out by authorized persons on Canters and elephants. There is a special night safari at the park for which tourists have to get special permits. If you are staying as a resident in any of the resort in Corbett, you can get the permits. Night safari promises rare sights of the king of the jungle, the tiger on his favorite game, hunting. You can watch other animals also during the adventurous night safari.

An Elephant Safari can be truly adventurous as the elephant can go to places where vehicles cannot move. Moreover viewing animals like tigers and leopards on an Elephant Safari can be a thrilling experience. The Elephant Safari is permissible at both core and buffer zone of the park. Some of the zones from which tourists can enjoy the tryst with wild animals are Dhikala, Bijrani, Kumeria and Ringoda zones.

People can also use Jeep safaris at Jhirna, Bijrani and Durga Devi gates at the park. One cannot use personalized vehicles inside the park. Tourists can get permits at the Ram Nagar office and gain entries to the park.